Community engagement is a vital aspect of the research process, involving maningful collaboration with communities affected by research findings. This engagement is crucial as it enhances the way research is prioritized, translated, and applied in real-life settings, ultimately reducing health disparities. Understanding the demographics, culture, traditions, beliefs, and values of the community is essential. By involving communities, research can be better planned, executed, and utilized. Dysmenorrhea has been recognized as a significant public health issue due to its widespread occurrence, the substantial discomfort it causes among affected individuals, and its adverse impact on the overall well-being of female students. Many young girls refrain from seeking medical assistance, perceiving the discomfort as an inherent aspect of the physiological transition from adolescence to adulthood, and considering it beyond alleviation. Consequently, goals of this activity are poised to offer valuable insights into potential interventions, enlightening girls about effective measures to mitigate the intensity of pain they experience.

SCORE as a standing committee that has a focus in the field of research conducts LDRC activities. LDRC stands for “Let’s Do Research Community”. This activity is organized by SCORE CIMSA Unsoed. The purpose of LDRC is to increase development of knowledge of dysmenorrhea and the benefits of herbal drinks for dysmenorrhea. This event consists of pre-activity training, yoga session, seminar, and also workshop. Pre-activity training was held online with the topic “Exploring the World of Dysmenorrhe” brought by Balqis Dianiasri Bestari as PETRA CIMSA Unsoed. Yoga session was led by Ms. Lina as Padma Yoga Purwokerto owner. The seminar has two topics to discuss. The first topic was ‘Exploring the World of Dysmenorrhea’ brought by dr. Dalri Muhammad Suhartomo, Sp. OG. from Department Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty of Medicine, Jenderal Soedirman University. The second topic was ‘Learning the Benefit and How to Make Jamu brought by Dita Santika as Duta Jamu Aman Banyumas 2022.

The whole event went smoothly as expected. The speakers presented the material very comprehensively and easily understood. The Pre-Activity that was held on Friday, October 27th 2023, via Google Meet was attended by 62 participants consisting of Unsoed’s first year medical students and members of CIMSA Unsoed. Meanwhile, the main activity that was held on Sunday, October 29th, 2023 at Desa Pasir Wetan, Karanglewas only attended by 14 participants, but the results were pretty awesome, indicated by an increase in participants’ knowledge of 37%.

LDRC is one of the tangible forms of CIMSA Unsoed in fostering research interest and increasing knowledge of dysmenorrhea and the benefits of herbal drinks for it.

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