about us


Center for Indonesian Medical Students Activities (CIMSA) is an independent, nationalist, inclusive, non-politic medical students organization. In harmony with Indonesia vision, CIMSA was established to empowering medical students as a step to improve nations health through members capacity building and many kind of activities that contribute to health promotion and prevention.

CIMSA was officially established in May, 6th 2001 and currently maintains 27 locals throughout Indonesia with over 8000 members. Since 2002, CIMSA has been affiliated with International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA), which is recognized by World Health Organization as the biggest international forum for medical students.


The International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA), founded in 1951, is one of the worlds oldest and largest student-run organizations. It represents, connects and engages every day with an inspiring and engaging network of 1.3 million medical students from 138 national members organizations in 129 countries around the globe.

CIMSA Universitas Jenderal Soedirman (Unsoed) disahkan sebagai lokal CIMSA pada May Meeting 2019 di Semarang dengan dua standing committees, yaitu SCOPH dan SCORA. Pada tahun 2022, CIMSA Unsoed telah memiliki 4 standing committees yaitu SCOPH, SCORA, SCORP, dan SCORE.