MALTOSA (Mari Kenali Diabetes Bersama CIMSA) by SCOPH CIMSA Unsoed

On celebrating World Diabetes Day 2022, SCOPH CIMSA Unsoed partnered with RS Hermina Purwokerto held MALTOSA (Mari Kenali Diabetes Bersama CIMSA). SCOPH agreed to work with RS Hermina Purwokerto because we shared same visions to educate people about diabetes.

MALTOSA consisted of several events including training, ground campaign, free health check-up, and social media campaign. Through this activity, we hope we can increase people’s knowledge regarding diabetes and the importance of its early detection because the earlier we recognize it, the more we can prevent complications of diabetes as well.

The first event of MALTOSA was training delivered by dr. Intan Yuniar, a general practitioner from RS Hermina Purwokerto, and Jessica Zivani Wahono, a certified trainer from Health Educator Training Program by Nutrifood Research Center. The training was held on 18 November 2022 at Jenderal Soedirman University Faculty of Medicine 3rd Semester Classroom. This event was attended by SCOPH members. Topics covered in the training include diabetes, its signs and symptoms, and how to prevent it. The attendees also had an opportunity to try measuring blood sugar level using tools that was provided by RS Hermina Purwokerto. This training itself also intended to prepare SCOPH members for ground campaign and free health check that will be conducted later.

A week after training, on Sunday, 27 November 22, SCOPH CIMSA Unsoed and RS Hermina Purwokerto held a free health check-up stand and ground campaign at GOR Satria Purwokerto. Of health check-up carried was blood pressure and blood sugar level measurement. All participants also got in-person consultation with RS Hermina Purwokerto. After getting free health check-up and consultation, participants were being educated by SCOPH members regarding diabetes. Participants seemed to have good times discussing about diabetes with SCOPH members. Lastly, SCOPH also gave leaflets which contained brief explanations about diabetes thus participants can memorize it.

Social media campaign marked the end of MALTOSA. We uploaded a BINGO with slogan “Diabetes In Action, We Take Prevention” on CIMSA Unsoed’s Instagram story. Followers were able to repost it into their own accounts and fill the BINGO template.

Finally, we thank everyone who took part in MALTOSA. We also appreciate RS Hermina Purwokerto that has granted SCOPH CIMSA Unsoed a memorable experience through this invaluable partnership. Through MALTOSA, we realize that diabetes is still a great concern of public health especially in Indonesia. We hope that even though MALTOSA is already over, people always remember and aware of diabetes.

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